Dr. Howard Weiss Discusses “Freezing of Gait” in Parkinson Disease

Every patient with Parkinson’s disease does not experience the same problems.  For example, some people have prominent tremors that interfere with daily activities, whereas others shake very little or not at all.  One of the symptoms that might occur after many years after developing Parkinson’s disease is known as “freezing of gait”. What is “freezing […]

A Gift Like No Other

Having Parkinson ’s disease means being aware, indeed self-conscious, of one’s physical limitations and abnormalities. Some are subtle, some painfully obvious. If friends and relatives don’t realize something is amiss after their first encounter with you as a patient, they surely will in due course. Symptoms like overall slowness of motion, difficulty getting up from […]

Walk Off Parkinson’s Logo Created To Inspire

Since 2005, the tulip has been recognized worldwide as a symbol for Parkinson’s Disease.  Many organizations involved with the Parkinson’s community use a variation on the tulip.  PFNCA’s Walk Off Parkinson’s logo tells an important story.  While there is no cure for Parkinson’s, those with it can take steps to live well with the disease.  […]

The Important Meaning Behind Amp’s Attire — PFNCA’s Mascot Helps Raise Awareness

Did you know that lots of thought went into the creation of the uniform for PFNCA’s mascot Amp?  Read on to learn more about the important meaning behind Amp’s attire. Front of Amp’s Jersey Since 2005, the tulip has been recognized worldwide as a symbol for Parkinson’s Disease.  Many organizations involved with the Parkinson’s community […]

Meet PFNCA’s Team in Hunt Valley, Maryland

PFNCA is pleased to partner with FX Studios Under Armour Performance Center to provide two PFNCA Exercise for Parkinson’s program sessions each week in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  These programs are provided at no cost but annual PFNCA program registration is required. Our team in Hunt Valley — those that have worked so hard to make […]

Meet PFNCA Yoga Instructor Carl Schuetz

Carl Schuetz has a long career in teaching. He changed his teaching focus to yoga following a diagnosis of PD when he found that his yoga practice brought an improvement to his attitude and outward appearance. The experience was so positive and encouraging that he started earning yoga certifications with an eye toward helping others. […]

Welcome to PFNCA’s New Website

Recently, PFNCA launched its new website.  The new site has many improvements including Program listings feature options to search by city and state allowing you to easily find the programs that are closest to you. Registration and Schedule Updates sections are more easily accessible. A Get Help system has been added allowing you to chat […]

Wanted: Words That Inspire.

Each year, PFNCA asks people to vote on words that inspire people with Parkinson’s.  Words with the most votes are featured on the annual Walk Off Parkinson’s T-shirt.  We need your help identifying words that inspire you. Click here to tell us what words inspire you.  Voting will take place later this summer.  Attend PFNCA’s […]

Certified Recreational Therapist Melissa Long to Address Disaster Preparedness and Parkinson’s at PFNCA Community Lecture Series in February

It is difficult enough to prepare for a disaster.  Such challenges are compounded when facing Parkinson’s.  PFNCA’s Community Lecture Series in February will focus on disaster preparedness.  Melissa Long, who a certified recreational therapist, certified in Dementia Practice Guidelines and Frail Elder Exercise will present a lecture highlighting practical tips to prepare to be outside […]

Registration Now Open for the 2017 PFNCA Symposium

Each year, PFNCA’s Medical Advisory Board assembles top-notch presenters to share information of most interest to families living everyday with Parkinson’s at the PFNCA Symposium.  Additionally, more than 35 exhibitors will be on hand to share resources.  Most importantly, PFNCA’s Symposium is about coming together with friends – new and old – to face Parkinson’s […]

Meet Learie Phillip

Retired D.C. Public Schools Principal Learie Phillip has been fighting back against Parkinson’s since he was diagnosed more than ten years ago.  He regularly a PFNCA Exercise for Parkinson’s program near his home.  “The program focuses on the total body and mind. The intensity level of the instructor is remarkable,” he says.  Phillip, who is […]

Speak Louder

PFNCA Volunteer Rick Vaughan recently visited several PFNCA Communications Club program sessions.  He shares his observations below.     PFNCA Communication Club meetings are open to all people with Parkinson’s free of charge, compliments of the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA).  The sessions are held once a week at the same time […]

Highlights from Walk Off Parkinson’s 2016

Walk Off Parkinson’s Walk was held to benefit the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA) on September 18, 2016 at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. More than 1,200 people attended the program, which included exercise demonstrations, educational lectures, ask a therapist stations, ask a social worker station and an inspiring walk that included […]