PFNCA has developed a scorecard to help you assess how you are doing in your fight against Parkinson’s and to help guide conversations with your medical providers.

Place a check in the box next to each statement if you agree.

What's your score?


9 or 10 –you have a plan to fight Parkinson’s and are executing it. You are well positioned to help others take steps to fight the disease.

6 to 8 –you are well on your way to effectively fighting Parkinson’s.

4 or 5 – You’ve made a great start to fight Parkinson’s and can target your efforts to fight even harder.

Less than 4 –you would benefit from focusing more on your fight with Parkinson’s

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The Parkinson’s Scorecard is a project of the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA), a non-profit organization that helps people live well with Parkinson’s. PFNCA, which has been recognized for Excellence in Non-Profit Management by the Center for Non-Profit Advancement and named one of the best small non-profits in the Greater Washington Region by the Catalogue for Philanthropy, helps more than 2,500 people impacted by Parkinson’s every year. No one should face Parkinson’s alone.  PFNCA is not affiliated with any of the many national organizations that focus on Parkinson’s.

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Other Parkinson’s Scorecard Resources:

On March 5, 2020, Dr. Randy Stephenson gave a lecture to explain the Parkinson’s Scorecard and the statements asked. Click here to view the slides from his presentation.

For a PDF of the Parkinson’s Scorecard you can print at home and share, click here.