Online Exercise Classes for Parkinson’s

Better manage your PD symptoms with 30+ Parkinson’s exercise classes a week with trained professionals online when you register for PFNCA wellness classes. Class types include boxing, dance, big & loud and much more.


There is a nominal annual administrative fee for this registration that can be waived for financial hardship.

How Our Online Exercise Classes Help

Classes are designed to help you improve your movement, mobility, gait, strength and more to take back control of your life.

Classes are designed to accommodate all physical abilities and our PD trained instructors adjust the exercises to fit your needs.

We created an online community of others facing PD so you don’t face this disease alone. You can meet and build friendships with others who know exactly what you are going through.

Classes are designed to keep you on a consistent exercise schedule with over 30+ classes a week you can do from home.

We offer a huge selection of different class types including Boxing, Dance, Big & Loud, General and Seated exercise plus a lot more.

Watch the video below to see what our classes look like:

See what others with Parkinson’s who attend are saying:

“Of course, while helping you with movement, speech, swallowing, and understanding about your medical care, the foundation brings the gift of friendship…people struggling with similar issues. You quickly discover you’re not alone.”

“I always say how much this is helping me, that the instructors are top notch, and what a great organization PFNCA is.”

“I am always telling friends and family how much PFNCA is helping me and how much I am learning from other participants. – It’s truly great to have such a positive, forward looking community. I’ve only been at it for a few months and already don’t know how I would be without it!”

“The boxing group always has a good time. Skills are less important than putting in the effort, but it’s also nice when our motor skills improve.”

In-Person wellness classes are also offered. You can view them by clicking here.